Spring air over Europe

Collection of students’ works included in the project “Traditional spring celebrations in Europe” – Erasmus+ 2014–2016

This collection of students’ works has been created within the project “Traditional spring celebrations in Europe” as part of the Erasmus+.

For two years the students from four European schools that study Bulgarian language - the school “Cyril and Methodius”, including the kindergarten “The small white rabbit” from Paris, the school “Petar Beron” from Prague, the Bulgarian school of native language in Budapest and the school of Bulgarian language “Azbuka” in Dublin have been working under the guidance of their teachers. For two years not only have they studied the Bulgarian spring traditions as part of their deep roots, but also the traditions of the country in which they live thanks to an exchange between the schools and the traditions of the other three partner countries. At the same time they have enriched their knowledge in Bulgarian - the language of this project, the language in which they communicated among themselves and presented their works, sang songs, recited poems, recreated traditions or participated in them, the language in which they carried out unforgettable meetings, made friendships, the language through which they expressed their emotions, admiration, feelings.... The language that helped them discover new cultures and new horizons...

The students’ collection of works is the result of the students' efforts in studying the traditional spring celebrations and trying hard to improve their Bulgarian.

The concept of traditional spring celebrations is understood in a broad sense. It includes both celebrations associated with folk and religious traditions as well as those that have grown up nowadays which have become a tradition for the country.

The works reflect the sensitivity, the individual creative attitude of their authors according to their age and their level of proficiency in Bulgarian language. Created within internal school competitions and evaluated and graded by teachers, parents and students alike, the publication of the works in this collection is a reward for the labor, efforts and talents of our students.