St. George’s day

This is the day of St. George - the patron of shepherds and flocks. Along with Easter, St. George's day is considered the largest spring celebration. The preparations for the holiday start the previous day. Girls pick flowers and weave garlands for the lamb which will be slaughtered for sacrifice. Ritual breads are kneaded, the largest is named after St. George.

In the afternoon people perform ring dances. They make swings that are tethered to high leafing tree, the lads swing the girls. In some villages girls draw silent water from a white cauldron where ring, bracelets or flowers are left the previous night and predict which girl whom to marry .Traditionally St. George is presented as a horseman who not only defeated the dragon, but also released the girl destined for sacrifice. This way he is pictured in the folk songs, and even in the iconography. Actually this is a metaphor of the victory over the cold winter, the evil and the release of the spring and the growth.

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