The tradition “May tree”

The tradition “May tree” is associated with the putting forth оf leaves in the tree. In France, it is celebrated most often from the night of the 30th of April to the 1 st of May

In the southern, south -western and western France is risen a tree in the village in honor of one person (local MP, another person ....) or a saint (the patron of the village).

In the villages of eastern France, the May tree (in French: le mai) is called the “tree of love”.

This is a young tree or a branch that young boys bring to the door or the wall of the house in which live young girls who are “marriageables”. In order to show their gratitude the girls “pour” the tree and treat the boys with sweets and drinks.

The choice of tree carries a message (not always pleasant). For example:

  • Briar - “you are my great love”
  • Hornbeam - “you are charming”
  • Beech - “deepest affection”
  • Cherry - “girl of easy virtue”
  • Lilac - “Girl with a reputation”
  • Acacia - “platonic love”
  • Mimosa - “Secret Love”
  • Orange tree - “nice girl”
  • Fig - “repulsive girl”

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