St. Lazar's day, Palm Sunday

St. Lazar's day is a Christian holiday that bears the name of St. Lazar. Lazar was a friend of Jesus Christ. 40 days after his death he was resurrected . St. Lazar's day is celebrated on the eighth day before Easter. Because Easter is determined by the lunar calendar, Lazar's day falls each year on a different date, but always on Saturday.

On this day is performed the custom Lazaruvane. Young women called “lazarki” pick flowers for wreaths which are knitted for the celebration of Palm Sunday (the next day). The girls are dressed in traditional folk costumes. They go round the houses of the village, singing ritual songs related to the day and bless everybody for health, happiness and prosperity. The owner of the house give them eggs, money, fruit and small gifts. In the past on the day of St. Lazar young men from the village asked for the hand of their future brides. It was believed that the girl who had not participated in the rituals on St. Lazar's day could not marry.

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