Sirni zagovezni (Forgiveness)

Sirni Zagovezni (Forgiveness) is an important spring festival in the folk calendar. It is celebrated seven weeks before Easter (always on a Sunday).

Pie with cheese, boiled eggs, boiled wheat, halva with nuts are laid on the table of Sirni Zagovezni. A ritual called “hamkane” is performed: on a red thread is tied and descended from the ceiling a piece of halva(traditional sweet) or а boiled egg. The oldest man turns the thread in a circle and each member of the family, especially the children, try to catch the halva or the egg with their mouth. Whoever succeeds will be alive and well throughout the year.

On the day of Sirni Zagovezhi younger people visit older relatives - their father and mother in law, best men, older siblings and ask forgiveness, kiss the hand of the hosts and pronounce the traditional words of forgiveness: “Forgive, me, please!” “You are forgiven” is the obligatory response. So the holiday is also known as Forgiveness.

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