Saint Thomas’ week

Tomina’s Sunday is called the week after Easter(from the old Bulgarian word “nedelya” which means “week”). Named after St. Thomas, this is the week through which no work is done on the field and people do not start doing any hard work..

From old times this week is full of young girls' holidays, which in the folk beliefs are connected with the prayers for rain, fertility and the prevention of hails and bad diseases. The most famous traditional ritual is the Lada's ritual dance that is performed by young girls in Western Bulgaria. In eastern regions girls dance Mara-Lishanka. It includes the dance with a doll-bride, to which unmarried girls sing songs.

Тhe first Sunday after Easter is called Tomina's Sunday, tоо.. On this last day of the week is honored the memory of Saint Toma. On this day, again, eggs are painted and given away for the souls of the dеceased. It is believed that on this way their relatives protect them from reincarnating. That is why this day is known as Easter of the deceased.

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