Ramadan Bairam

Ramadan Bairam is a celebration from the Muslim calendar. It lasts a month during which Muslims observe a strict fast. That is why, the month of Ramadan is the month of grace and salvation. The mandatory fast requires Muslims to abstain from food, water, cigarettes and wearing perfums from sunrise to sunset. After sunset all bans are removed, yet the believers are advised not to indulge themselves in excesses, but to spend time in reflection about God, to perform good deeds, to distribute donations.

The culmination of the feast is the Day of breaking the fast - Ramazan Bairam. It is celebrated officially for three days. Muslims gather at a common table, exchange their gifts distributed to charity and visit the cemetery to pay tribute to the dead relatives.

On the festive table there is honey and traditional sweets: candy, baklava, Turkish delight, halva, biscuits, etc. Hence the other name of the holiday - Sheker Bayram.

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