May tree

This custom is very old and well- known throughout Europe. Probably it originated in the ancient spring holidays, when the tree represented a symbol of the spirit protector. The trees selected as “may trees” should be tall strong, straight and richly decorated with ribbons, scarves and sweets.

They are risen at the very centre of the village, on the square in front of the church or, for practical reasons, for example, at the stadium or on a playground etc. Some trees(“may trees”), decorated in the same way, are placed by the lads in front of the houses of their loved ones. The young people also organized parties called “venche”, ( crown of flowers) They were preceded by tours with music and shouts in front of the houses where there were “may trees” The cheerful procession was gradually joined by young girls until it reached the village square, where the young people danced under the “head may tree”.

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