The Annunciation

Annunciation ( Blagoveshtenie or Blagovets) is a Christian holiday that is celebrated on 25 March and It was celebrated as early as the 7th century.

The Christian Orthodox Church celebrates this day in honor of the good news of the birth of the Savior, which Archangel Gabriel told the Virgin Mary. It is believed that on this day every wound heals very quickly. That is why it is on the Annunciation day that the ears of the girls are drilled so that they can wear earrings.Animal keepers make signs on the ears of their animals to recognize them.

A popular belief says that on the Annunciation day the cuckoos and swallows fly to bring the good news that the winter has gone and the summer has come. It is believed that if the cuckoo calls when you are hungry or you do not have any money in your pocket , so you will keep going the whole year.

Although the Annunciation is in the Lent, on this day you can eat fish.

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