Saint Brigid’s Day

The holiday of St. Bridget is associated with the eternal sacred fire and is based on the older festival of the Goddess of Spring. It is celebrated in early February.

Christians call the holiday “Feast of the Purification of the Virgin.”

It is believed that on the eve of the feast goddess Brigitte walks on Earth. The Head of the family extinguishes the fire and evenly distributes ashes from the hearth. In the morning, people look at the ashes searching for signs that indicate that Bridgid was there in the evening. On this day, before going to bed, they put some clothes outside to receive the blessing of Brigid .

Goddess Bridget is associated with spring, livestock, wells and is the guardian of nature. She is the goddess of fertility and protector of poets, artists and all artists. Her name is mentioned at the birth of a child to ask for her protection. She is the goddess of fire, the hearth and blacksmiths and defender of those who work with metal.

Bridget is the goddess of treatment and in many places in Ireland there are wells devoted to her, which are known for their healing waters.

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