Easter in Hungary

Easter eggs in Hungary are decorative element. The custom of egg knocking as a traditional Christian ritual does not exist as such .

Another difference in the traditions of the two peoples is that on Monday, the second day of the celebration, Hungarian men and boys pour water on women. It is believed that this action is carried out for health and fertility. Nowadays water is often replaced by perfum, but in some Hungarian villages the tradition has been preserved up to thepresent day. While pouring water, the men tell the girls playful rhymes. Then the ladies who are dressed in festive robes, treat them with 'eggs, sweets and spirits.

As it is in Bugaria,Hungarians prepare sweet ritual bread - a cake . They do not eat lamb, as we do in Bulgaria but eat cooked ham with horseradish. On this day they do not greet each other with “Christ is risen!” but wish each other happy holidays.

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